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The Long Term Care Community Coalition (LTCCC) is devoted to improving care for the elderly and disabled. We work to ensure that long term care consumers, who are often very vulnerable, are cared for safely and treated with dignity. To accomplish these goals, LTCCC:

  • Researches policies, laws and regulations affecting care for the elderly and disabled;
  • Advocates for state and national policies to improve care;
  • Addresses systemic problems in the delivery of long term care;
  • Identifies good practices and develops recommendations to improve care and dignity of the elderly and disabled, and better conditions for professional caregivers;
  • Educates and empowers the elderly and disabled to advocate for themselves; and
  • Actively engages government agencies and elected officials in discussion and action on the needed changes.   

We work to improve care for the elderly and disabled in all settings. We encourage & help people to speak out on their own, and provide a voice for those who are too frail to advocate for themselves.

You can explore this Website through the drop down menu, above.   For example, click on Key Issues to find links to our major issues, including nursing homes, assisted living, access to long term care and government accountability.  Publications includes links to our reports, newsletters and consumer guides.

In addition to this Website, please visit www.nursinghome411.org and www.assisted-living411.org for more news and information on those issues.

Follow us on Twitter for the latest long term care updates: http://twitter.com/LTCconsumer.


Latest News & Reports

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Antipsychotic Drugs & Dementia Care: Resources and Information









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