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This page is dedicated to access to care issues, including long term care restructuring, single points of entry for long term care (POEs), compliance with the U.S.Supreme Court's decision in Olmstead (which held that the unjustified institutional isolation of people with disabilities is a form of illegal discrimination) and changes to Medicaid.


This report discusses both New York State's progress in its development of an Olmstead plan as well as suggestions and considerations for New York State policy makers.



Long Term Care Restructuring

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Click on the image for a PDF copy of the report. Click here for a copy in Word 2007, which has a Table of Contents with internal hyperlinks to different sections of the report and links throughout the report to outside resources.

In New York and across the country major reforms are being implemented to change the ways in which long term care is delivered, especially those services which are paid for by Medicaid.  Containing or lowering costs is a dominant consideration for the government.  In turn, providers seek, often through powerful lobbying, to protect their financial interests.  As a result, though consumers are the reason the system exists, their interests often get lost in the shuffle and are under-represented when policies are implemented.

LTCCC's new report, Long Term Care Restructuring in New York State: A Consumer Perspective, identifies and discusses the major consumer priorities and presents recommendations on how the long term care system can better serves consumers. 

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Full Report (PDF file)

Full Report (Word 2007 file)

Executive Summary

Press Release

Survey of NYS Consumer Representatives






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