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Proposed Assisted Living Bills in New York State


LTCCC Report on Assisted Living Care and Oversight in NY

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NY Assisted Living Law:

In 2004, NY State passed a bill requiring licensure for all assisted living in the state. Prior to that time, a bifurcated system existed, in which there were licensed adult homes and enriched housing and unlicensed residences (often calling themselves assisted living) providing similar services but with little oversight or accountability. LTCCC, worked hard to ensure passage of a law with a good basis for consumer protection.

The new law, for which regulations have been published for public comment, requires licensure for all communities and has specific requirements for residences that wish to care for people with dementia or allow residents to "age in place" (stay in the home as they become more frail).

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State Task Force on Assisted Living:

According to the Assisted Living law that passed in 2004, the State Task Force was created to update and revise the requirements and regulations applicable to adult care facilities and assisted living residences to better promote resident choice, autonomy and independence.  The task force has been charged to make recommendations (a) minimizing duplicative or unnecessary regulatory oversight; (b) ensuring  that  the indigent have adequate access to, and that there are a sufficient number of  enhanced  assisted  living  residences;  (c)  developing  affordable assisted living; (d) promoting resident choice and independence; (e) the evaluation tool as required by section 4657 of the  public  health  law;  and,  (f)  specific standards and criteria relating to the special needs certificates required by section 4655 of the public health law.

As of this date, the Task Force has accomplished (e) and (f) and is focusing on the other tasks.  Cynthia Rudder, director of special projects, is a member of this ten person Task Force.  She, with the help of the LTCCC's Assisted Living committee has proposed the changes to current adult home regulations to promote resident choice, autonomy and independence. Click here to see the recommended changes.


Text of 2004 Law

Law Summary



LTCCC is a founding member of a national assisted living consumer group: the Assisted Living Consumer Alliance (ALCA). 

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Assisted Living Committee Meeting

Ellen Ensig-Brodsky, Olivia Filerman and Geoff Lieberman at an Assisted Living Committee meeting.

LTCCC's Assisted Living Committee

LTCCC's Assisted Living Committee has focused on: (1) Developing and fighting for protective legislation that will mandate licensure for all assisted living residences in the state; and (2) Working with the State to make sure that unlicensed facilities that meet the current requirements of adult homes or enriched housing be licensed.  The Committee was instrumental in ensuring consumer protections in NY State's assisted living law and the state final adopted regulations implementing the law. In addition, the committee worked on a ground-breaking white paper on How to Make Assisted Living Affordable.

LTCCC has also conducted research in this area. With a grant from the Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, LTCCC published an in-depth study of assisted living in New York State. In addition to explaining the different licensed and unlicensed models in New York State, the study makes suggestions for financing of assisted living, gives ideas for providers and consumers about issues related to resident choice and decision-making and makes the case for assisted living regulation.

With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, LTCCC, with the Coalition of Institutionalized Aged and Disabled (CIAD, an LTCCC member), has developed educational materials for consumers and assisted living staff across the country. This material will help make sure that assisted living residences are places where consumers continue to have autonomy, control over their lives, choices and the ability to remain in place if they become more dependent. These guides are now available for free download at www.assisted-living411.org




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