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As a public watchdog organization, LTCCC fights to hold government accountable. Through its research, scrutiny and subcommittee work, LTCCC evaluates the effectiveness of governmental agencies (particularly the New York State Department of Health, which monitors long term care), recommends improvement where necessary and makes public such analyses through media reports and educational material for consumers.

LTCCC meets with DOH (Department of Health), CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid), OMIG (Office of the Inspector General) and the Office of the Attorney General to improve the ability of government to identify care problems and hold long term care providers accountable for the care they give. While LTCCC has been successful in getting the State to improve its enforcement record significantly as well as to better train its surveyors, much more work is needed.

Nursing Home Complaints
LTCCC has long been concerned that the State's complaint process of investigating poor care claims made by residents, families and facility staff has been generally ineffective, particularly in the New York City, Westchester and Long Island regions of the state. The rate of sustaining complaints against nursing homes is much too low. Early research studies (see The Nursing Home Complaint System: Does It Work? In Publications) conducted by LTCCC indicate that these problems have long been an inherent part of the system. This is a major problem for nursing home consumers.

LTCCC works to improve this situation by meeting with staff of CMS (Federal Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Systems) that oversee the state’s ability to handle complaints, to work to improve the State's nursing home complaint process.

Nursing Home Surveillance and Enforcement
Long concerned about the State's history of ineffective nursing home surveillance and enforcement (see our studies In Publications), LTCCC continues to review the State’s record and lists all nursing home enforcements every three months in its newsletter and on its website.



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