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Medicaid in New York State is being "redesigned."  Click above for the latest on the state's initiative to enroll almost all dually eligible consumers (eligible for Medicare and Medicaid) into managed care plans.


LTCCC's Managed Long Term Care Committee worked to protect the rights and improve healthcare delivery for the chronically ill enrolled in Managed Long Term Care Plans, particularly in New York State. Because these plans have been demonstration projects in New York State, the Committee worked with the State Department of Health and various plans to ensure that those enrolled in managed long term care plans receive the best care possible. As managed long term care is considered as an option for the state to control or reduce spending, it will be crucial to make sure that any policies promulgated focus on protecting consumers and enabling them to have choice and control over their care.

Managed Long Term Care Consumer Guide

Managed Long Term Care Consumer Guide

In the past, LTCCC's Committee worked with the NY Department of Health and the State Office for the Aging for a number of years developing educational materials for those in, and those considering enrollment in, managed long term care plans to make sure they understand their rights. The finished product, "New York State Consumer Guide: Managed Long Term Care," can be downloaded by clicking on the picture above.

In 1999 the Subcommittee released a landmark report, Improving the Option: Consumers' Perspective on New York State's Managed Long Term Care Demonstration Projects (PDF file* - clicking on this link will open a new window) with recommendations on implementing the demonstration projects. Most of these recommendations have been accepted.

*In order to read this file, you will need the Adobe Acrobat reader. If you do not have it, you may download it for free at the Adobe site.

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