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Please visit LTCCC's dedicated website, www.nursinghome411.org, for information and resources on nursing home issues.

Safe Staffing

LTCCC is fighting to increase nursing home staffing levels and make nursing homes a safe environment for both residents and workers.  Direct care staff are the lifeline for nursing home residents.   However, the vast majority of nursing homes are deficient in staffing levels, resulting in poor care for residents and poor working conditions for staff. The Coalition works to increase staffing and resident safety by:

    • Advocating for passage of a Safe Staffing bill in New York.  Many people are surprised to learn that there are no minimum standards for nursing home staffing levels.  This legislation would require nursing homes to maintain staff to care for residents at a level widely considered safe.

    • Advocating for passage of a federal safe staffing bill.  LTCCC is a strong supporter of federal legislation to mandate minimum safe staffing standards in nursing homes.

    • Advocating for passage of the Nursing Home Diversion Act (NHDA). The NHDA would require nursing homes with dangerously low levels of staffing to stop taking in additional residents until they take their staffing levels out of the danger level. This is exactly the same policy in place for hospital emergency rooms, which divert incoming patients to other hospitals in the area when they don't have the staff or resources to provide good, safe care.  Don't nursing home residents deserve the same treatment? (Click here for policy brief: NY State Must Stop Placing Vulnerable People into the State's Most Severely Understaffed Nursing Homes).

    • Educating consumers, the news media and policy makers on the impact of low staffing on nursing home residents. (Click here to see our recent news and policy briefs page, our latest studies on nursing home oversight and more.)

    • Researching long term care regulatory, policy and legal issues.  One of the major activities of the Coalition is to identify issues affecting the delivery of better and more humane care in nursing homes.  Many of our past research reports are available on the Publications page of this website (click here to view that page).



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